Wedding at Christmas, including decorations and chic ideas for an unforgettable day

Wedding at Christmas, including decorations and chic ideas for an unforgettable day


What’s more romantic than a married at Christmas? Today we will see together many ideas and suggestions for celebrating the wedding unique and chic in the month of December. The magic Christmas atmosphere can not fail to make your event even more unique: there should be a course, then if it snows even better! Usually the bride and groom choose to get married in the morning in these months, especially to enjoy the natural light but they are also a few who do not give a party evening full of charm and soft lighting. The secret to creating the right atmosphere are in fact small candles and Christmas lights that adorn the hall of receipt.

Of course, always remember that it is a wedding and the celebration of Christmas: An inevitable Christmas tree but try not to overdo the decorations to the theme! Choose to focus on one color, which for the period may be white, silver or gold with touches of red or burgundy.

Avoid spring shades like pink and violet, which do not fit into the period and the atmosphere you create. If you get the chance do not forget to light a fireplace which creates an immediate sense of warmth.

It is betting a lot on wedding cake that will greatly impact but also illuminated by a thousand light candles. And now cake designers create real works of art, with little snowflakes into sugar or you can embellish flowers fresh and branches of holly.

For the look of the bride you first have to take into account the low temperatures. Then choose a dress that can be combined with a coat, a fur cape or cashmere. Instead of the veil you can wear a chic wool hat to be beautiful and not to suffer too much from the cold!