The lilac is the color of spring wedding

The lilac is the color of spring wedding



This is one of my favourite colors: romantic, fresh and very classy. It lends itself completely for your marriage shall be tough to find because not many details in this gorgeous colors: favors, equity, tapes, placeholder… whole thing can be sorted and selected in the same key. Even the marriage cake can be decorated with flowers in this color or just made in the shade you have chosen. For a color usually involves setting a bit ‘country girl, lard and the summer garden.

For a contemporary bride then there are the accessories in this color: besides the bouquet (where you can opt from many colors and varieties of flowers), the detail that can build the variation may be an easy tape Satin to embroider your hairstyle. Then if you want to motivate American style of bridesmaids honor you may guess for all your friends a detail of this color: a bracelet with lilac flowers or a pin to pin the dress.

Do not forget centerpieces and placeholders: In this case you can give rein to your imaginative powers, but not to overdo it with one color, use a white cloth that shall contrast with lilac details. Even for him it takes a lilac detail: I feedback you to focus on boutounniere that should not be too elegant or feminine trend, but return receipt.