Lesbian Wedding

Lesbian Wedding


Wedding are of different types but now there are two more types of weddings are added. These wedding are gay wedding and lesbian wedding. I have mentioned about gay wedding in my previous post. Same sex wedding is getting very common in some areas of the world. Gay wedding is when two boys live as life partner. And in lesbian wedding two girls live together as a couple. These wedding are not yet valid in India.

It is depicted by studies that studies that lesbian love is very common in Britain from about 1500. A Lesbian History of Britain presents the extraordinary history of lesbian experience in Britain. Covering landmark moments and well-known personalities such as Radclyffe Hall and the publication and banning of her lesbian novel The Well of Loneliness.

In Britain the narrative is arranged chronologically and begins with the accounts of a number of women in the 18th century who passed themselves off as men. The C18th & C19th saw Romantic Friendships between women now the condition is same.

Ikki twins are also lesbian couples at Double Shot at Love. The show is a spin-off of the ever popular ‘Shot at Love’ with Tila Tequila and presents two bisexual twins the Ikki girls who are looking to find love. A group of women and a group of men will compete for each twin’s love. What do you think after knowing the history of lesbian love it is valid in India or not?