Kerala Syrian Christian marriage

Kerala Syrian Christian marriage1 Kerala Syrian Christian marriage

The Syrian Christians of Kerala, the southernmost state in India, be formerly Namboodiri Brahmins whose change takes set although St. Thomas visited India around AD 46. Their church is called as the Syrian Orthodox Church and its head, Catholics, resides in Ottawa, a Kerala town. While hug Christianity, the Syrian Christians retained numerous of their Hindu traditions and yet pursue numerous ancient cultures in their weddings. A classic Syrian Christian marriage, an enhance affair, is arranged by the elders with the bride’s family creating the first proposal to the groom’s people.

Kerala Syrian Christian marriage Kerala Syrian Christian marriage

Male members from the boy’s family go to the girl’s place to fix a marriage date handy to both. Both families take a verdict approximately the ‘streedhanam’ that the bride shall be given at the time of marriage after which she shall not at all build any claims on her father’s wealth.When this agreement is accepted by the twain families, twain eldest members from each contain hands in a symbolic clasp and the contract is sealed by covering their hands with an ‘angavastram’ (a white cloth). The own churches declare the engagement for three consecutive Sundays though the members of the twain families and their community are present.

Kerala Syrian Christian marriage2 Kerala Syrian Christian marriage

The boy and the girl, on the third Sunday, are performed separately in the houses of the bride and groom. The ceremonies are alike for both, excluding one or twain. Forthis, a barber is known to hew, when he arrives all the women clap their hands and build a noise known ‘korava’, deemed very fortunate by all Keralites.In the in the meantime, in her house the bride sits in an mundane sari though her brother’s wife anoints her with oil and takes her for the bath accurately in the same manner as performed for the groom. After bath she wears a splendid silk sari, puts on customary jewels and a gold chain with a traverse on it and decorates her hair with flowers.The chairs on which they sit are covered with a white cloth. The priest bless them though a lovable known ‘madhuram’ is brought also to be lucky by the priest.

Kerala Syrian Christian marriage3 Kerala Syrian Christian marriage

The mother or grandmother of the bride and groom feeds this lucky lovable to them.On the marriage morning in the church, the groom shall present a gorgeous sari, called as the ‘matricide’ to his bride. The groom carries the ‘mantrakodi’ sari, the ‘taali/minnu’ and twain marriage bands. In the church the marriage rituals are officiated by the priest and after the sermon the bride and groom exchange marriage bands.


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