Traditional Rituals Of East Indian wedding

Traditional Rituals Of East Indian wedding


Wedding is auspicious occasion of everyone’s life. In India there are many types of wedding which are divided according to our direction like East Indian wedding, West Indian wedding etc. All types have their own specialty. These weddings are full of interesting and meaningful rituals. East Indian wedding has many joyful customs.

The East Indian weddings of India mainly include the weddings that take place in Assam, Bengal, and Orissa as well as the northeaster states like Manipur, Meghalaya etc. Kanyadaan ceremony is one very important aspect of East Indian wedding.

As all rituals of wedding kanyadaan are also a wedding rituals which mainly held to get blessings of god for happy married life. Groom holds the hand of bride in hand. This celebration is full of religious hymns to get more close to god. East Indian wedding has some unique rituals that give a different place between all other Indian weddings. In Bengali Wedding customs are as sweet as Bengali rosogulla.

Baran Dala ceremony, Shubho Drishti ritual and Mala Badal ceremony are most blissful rituals of Indian wedding. There are many interesting occasion that makes East Indian wedding more gleaming like the bridegroom has to move with the procession and has to pay

a big sum to enter the bride’s house. All these constraints and bantering, make the occasion really interesting.