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Collections wedding dress of 2011: the trends of the year
Posted in Bride, Wedding Dresses on 23 February 2011

Wedding dresses collection trends 1 Collections wedding dress of 2011: the trends of the year

The bridal collections 2011 have highlighted the trends this year. The sum up to help brides finds the right dress, with an eye to fashion. Last year there was the return of the lace and asymmetrical lengths, for 2011, this trend seems to be the carrier return to the classic, so that should be very long skirts and flimsy, like the purest white. The colorful dress at sunset while many are like pastel inserts. We have also seen in the Model Novias collection. Read More

Wedding Dresses: Smell Of Autumn
Posted in Wedding Dress on 2 September 2010

Each season has its color and its atmosphere: in a few weeks greet the summer sun and colorful atmosphere to enter the autumn of colors less luminous, the initial bloodless, gray skies alternated with days yet warm crystal clear. What suggests the style to those Brides who opt this season for their wedding? Crazy You Empire and back – scopertissima discovery, is booming drapes and tassels (the bigger the better) are flanked by pink and white, brown and numerous shades of blue.

Shops and workshops for brides – already fighting with the spring / summer 2011 – proffer their construction (lit.) Of fashion trends autumn wedding dress. From north to south, every designer pays homage to the season that is very personal to start with models or with specifically designed clothes on brides who put on them. Replaced the classical bridal veil a fine wide-brimmed hat, is very effective!

If the hat is not for you, but you need to make an impression on guests with a touch of originality, by compiling the personal wedding dress you can wager on color. The white is the culture, but there are exciting proposals autumnal colors of dresses to be seen totally. The green and gray, for example, are ideal for Autumn Bride.

And whether the chilly autumn to give contemplation to be bloodless whether you fear the day of , yes, but do not need to retail fabrics too heavy or exaggerated shrug , what approximately a wedding dress with trousers? A fashionable alternative for a contemporary Bride and the novel symbol of a powerful personality.

Wedding Hairstyles Long Hair And Natural
Posted in Bride Hair Style on 3 August 2010

long hair bride 1 Wedding Hairstyles Long Hair And Natural

A bride, who needs to be natural, can choose for long hair moved and totally irresistible. If you have long hair, with hair completely hale, you can safely let loose on their marriage day, seem for a super natural and totally classy. Clearly that does not intend you have to give up the veil: Just level the hair with a few hairpins for a solid foundation in which to apply the icing. Lateral queue and middle hair slightly raised, making a romantic seem ideal for every bride and adapts well to nearly all the clothes. Read More

Original Wedding Cakes: Pictures Of The Most Beautiful
Posted in Ceremony, Wedding on 2 August 2010

craziest wedding cakes 1 Original Wedding Cakes: Pictures Of The Most Beautiful

Today I need to conversation approximately marriage cakes and in special those most gorgeous and novel. In America, that of the wedding Cake is an actual mania leading pastry chefs to specialize to attain lovable Newer, gorgeous and novel. Even us fashion is starting to take contain and is no longer tough to discover bakers who can construct masterpieces with chocolate icing. Nowadays I need to appear some of the greatest photos originated on the net: these cakes are masterpieces, very novel and mix with any variety of weddings from the sea to the mountains, from the clever to the classiest. Here we go. Read More

Make Up: Terrible Dior For Winter 2010
Posted in Make-up on 30 June 2010

image collection dior winter 2010 Make Up: Terrible Dior For Winter 2010

We are now taking coolness with the new summer makeup collections and trends in and out images already on new collections make up the biggest cosmetic houses for winter 2010. nowadays I want to talk about the new collection Terrible Dior, Just look at the images on it to be lightning, and products made of very beautiful and intense and dark colors that are wonderful for achieving gorgeous tricks winter John Galliano Declarations have “Dior Women are not shy, are modern and bold,” and his words are ideal to describe the life motive of this collection. Read More

Trends Summer 2010: Ethnic Look
Posted in Bride, Hair Style on 14 June 2010

Ethnic look Trends Summer 2010: Ethnic Look

One of the hottest trends of summer 2010, we could see during the parades and when the streets of cities, is ethnic look. Mama Africa overwhelms Spring Summer 2010 with clothing, hairstyles and indian makeup of ethnic-inspired glamorous key to an novel tribal trend, motivated by Savage-chic. The dresses are multicolor, animal prints and materials are easy and alternate with valuable details. Find out more about this style. Read More

The lilac is the color of spring wedding
Posted in Wedding, Wedding Dress on 7 June 2010

lilac wedding The lilac is the color of spring wedding

This is one of my favourite colors: romantic, fresh and very classy. It lends itself completely for your marriage shall be tough to find because not many details in this gorgeous colors: favors, equity, tapes, placeholder… whole thing can be sorted and selected in the same key. Even the marriage cake can be decorated with flowers in this color or just made in the shade you have chosen. For a color usually involves setting a bit ‘country girl, lard and the summer garden. Read More