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Swarovski crystals for the eleven-story wedding cake by Julia Pergolas
Posted in Ceremony, Wedding on 14 September 2011

Swarovski crystals Julia Pergolas wedding cake Swarovski crystals for the eleven story wedding cake by Julia Pergolas

What’s better than Swarovski crystals to make only a wedding cake? It is to eleven floors as the final creation of Julia Pergolas, Cake designers and renowned pastry chef, owner of Cupid’s Delight, Australia. Made for a couple of Perth, the cake is covered with more than ten thousand crystals Swarovski, With fruit and chocolate and was the wedding gift of the bridegroom’s sister, who has spent $ 6,500 for this special cake. In addition to chic decor, the eleven were plans to drive up the price of sweet, because it was needed a week to put everything together. Read More