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Designers Exclusive Bridal Collection For Indian Shaadi
Posted in Indian Wedding Dress on 23 April 2009

wedding dresses2 Designers Exclusive Bridal Collection For Indian Shaadi

Wedding is most special and fabulous moment of couples life every couple has strong wish to look special and unique particularly in brides that’s why brides start searching for best wedding dress styles even before ring on their finger so all brides do not stop your eagerness of finding best wedding dress here are some top wedding designer wedding dress styles for you these Indian wedding dress collections are given by world’s top wedding dress designers includes Ritu Kumar, JJ Valaya, Rohit Bal, Manish Malhotra and very latest collection of Varija Bajaj.

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Designer Wedding Dress Collection By Rohit Bal
Posted in Indian Wedding Dress on 17 April 2009

bridal dresses2 Designer Wedding Dress Collection By Rohit Bal

Another graceful bridal collection for your sweetest wedding day look is given by the famous designer who has achieved great popularity globally in a very short period of time is Rohit Bal. he has represented the superb collection of bridal and groom dresses the collection features all unique pieces of bridal as well as groom dresses.

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Stunning Bridal Collection By Varija Bajaj
Posted in Indian Wedding Dress on 13 April 2009

bridal dresses Stunning Bridal Collection By Varija Bajaj

Young and dynamic dress designer Varija Bajaj is world’s famous designer she uses multicultural fusion concepts you will easily find out her designer dresses with the VARIJA.

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Tips For Best Bridal Hair Style
Posted in Bride Hair Style on 8 April 2009

bridal hair style Tips For Best Bridal Hair Style

Bridal hair styles are very important part of your best wedding day look because your hair style is best to compliment your bridal look so to maintain the classical, elegant look and add gentle decorations in it. In order to make best bridal hair style here are some very simple tips are firstly choose hair style according to your wedding dress like whether you are wearing lehenga, wedding gown or sari.

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Indian Shaadi Dress Lakm Bridal Sutra Collection
Posted in Indian bride on 4 April 2009

indian dress Indian Shaadi Dress Lakm Bridal Sutra Collection

This is latest Indian shaadi dress are showing best conceptual design and latest looking based luxury product. The bridal Dress for an Indian shaadi dress are planned to outfit for more discerning bride dress that was require the utmost in sophistication and stylishness. All of these designers the Indian shaadi sequence and the dressmaking for bridal dress the most chic in fabric and design and the cost will start $2199 – S2899. Read More

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World’s Finest Wedding Jewelry Collection
Posted in jwelery in indian marriage on 22 January 2009

bridal jewelry Worlds Finest Wedding Jewelry Collection

Jewelry constitutes very important part of your unique bridal look for your wedding. Jewelry and wedding is very strongly related with each other because both shows timeless preciousness in your life. Traditionally gold jewelries used for wedding.

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Wedding Organization For A Successful Wedding
Posted in Wedding on 6 November 2008

well organised wedding Wedding Organization For A Successful Wedding
Wedding is the very special occasion of every person’s life. As we all know wedding is a deal which is hard to manage. You see bridal and groom’s parents are look always in tension about the better management of the wedding rituals and wedding party but one thing here can keep you far away from tension is the organization. Proper organization of all wedding program is very important for your wedding.
well organised wedding1 Wedding Organization For A Successful Wedding

Go out to a store and purchase a three ring binder, complete with folders inside with pockets in them. Label each folder with a specific wedding topic, for example, photographer, cake, dresses, decorations, etc. Another very important way to organize your wedding is the, take a few hours on your computer to type to do list per category. Keeping this information on one sheet per category will eliminate small little notes written on small scratch sheets of paper.

Whenever you receive a note or any other information from any wedding vendor that you are using, make sure you slip in into the proper category to ensure that the next time you need it you will know exactly where to find the information. Also decide everything on wedding location that bridal table, stage decoration style, food management etc. And enjoy your well organized wedding party.

Indian Bridal Wedding Make-up
Posted in Indian bride on 19 October 2008

indian bridal wedding make up Indian Bridal Wedding Make up

In early wedding days did not give much significance to bridal make-up where as today make up is gravely measured and there are a number of experts in giving tips for Bridal make up. To make a perfect make up for your wedding it is significant that you have a superior skin.

bridal1w300h400 Indian Bridal Wedding Make up

There are a few tips for bridal make up that one should follow before a couple of days from your wedding to get a clear skin. Avoid eating oily food that can make your skin oily, irritating and swelling. Read More

Wedding Location For Your Fantasy
Posted in Wedding on 15 October 2008

wedding location for yopur wedding fantasy2 Wedding Location For Your Fantasy

If you are finding for great wedding location for your wedding fantasy then here is the great location for you is the Murano Restaurant & Lounge. If you’re in Southern California and are looking for a similar type of venue, look no further than Murano Restaurant & Lounge on Melrose.The sleek spot serves up sophisticated Italian fare in a chic, recently-redesigned lounge and is perfect for a bridal shower. This new wedding location is excellent for your wedding party. When you see even photos of this place you will become crazy about this wedding place.

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Jenny Packham’s Bridal Dress Collection
Posted in Wedding on 14 October 2008

wedding dress collection by jenny packham Jenny Packhams Bridal Dress Collection
On your prosperous wedding day here is the new bridal collection of 2008. This newest wedding dress collection is given by Jenny Packham. This bridal dress collection is unique from all other dresses I have yet seen. British Bridal Designer of the Year 2008, Jenny Packham’s new is inspired by the youthful frivolity and romantic decadence of Marie Antoinette. When you wear this wonderful dress on your wedding ceremony it gives rich and beautiful look. Her dresses will be seen in glimmering antique golds, champagnes and rich ivories to create a majestic color palette.

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