Kashmiri Bridal

 Kashmiri Bridal

Kashmiri wedding is the part of Indian wedding. Kashmiri wedding ritual is complete of pomp and show. In Kashmiri wedding, horoscope identical of the potential bride and groom is given a lot of significance Kashmiris lay emphasis on checking the compatibility among the two families, in terms of background, status and standing.
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Here is about customary Kashmiri marriage rituals: Pre Wedding Rituals Livun, Devgon, Wanwun, Duribat and Maanziraat Ceremony. Kashmiri wedding bridal dress is extremely convoluted for the Kashmiri girls.

The bride has to wear a headwear, which consist of a long cap called Kalpush. The cap is folded two to three times and lined with either silk or cotton from inside. Over the kalpush, a long piece white cloth is enfolded at the brow in three or four layers. A white scarf, called zoojh is wrapped above the kalpush. A snow-white glazed paper is wrapped over this headwear and darned from behind. Kashmiri Bridal are looking so nice in her marriage they can wear such a beautiful dress.

Two pins with black and golden heads are fitted into the headwear. The whole headwear is called Tarang. A strap regarding two meters long and one-and-a-half meters wide, known as the Haligandun, with its slack ends embroidered is tied to the waist of the bride.