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Indian Groom’s marriage Clothes
Posted in Indian Groom, Indian Wedding Dress on 13 July 2010

Indian Groom’s marriage Clothes Indian Groom’s marriage Clothes

Wedding is a sacred institution particularly in India. It is celebrated with a set of pomp and appears and particular concentration is levied on the clothes of Bride, Groom and the other members of the family. Groom and Bride are the nearly all look leading public and they want standing apart from the horde. Here, in this pen up we shall focus on the marriage apparel of the groom.

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Tips For Grooming Of Groom
Posted in Indian Groom on 23 May 2009

groom Tips  For Grooming Of Groom

Wedding is the occasion that is equally important for bth bride and groom at time of wedding both have too much excitement and also both are very much conscious related to there whole look from wedding day dress to all accessory for the special day of life. Traditionally groom was not too much interested related to his look but now groom are equally conscious too both wants to be center of attraction for the day.

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Designer Groom Dresses By JJ Valaya
Posted in Indian Groom on 22 April 2009

groom Designer Groom Dresses By JJ Valaya

Wedding is equally important occasion for both bride and groom that’s why nowadays groom’s are also taking interest in there particular wedding day look the trendiest Indianshaadi dress for groom is shervani because it looks traditional and stylish as well so the next designer collection for you is given by king of Indian Fashion Scene is JJ Valaya. JJ Valaya the famous designer designs rich fashion dresses for men and women.

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Indian Groom Wedding Accessory
Posted in Indian Groom on 5 November 2008

indian groom Indian Groom Wedding Accessory

In Indian wedding groom accessories play a significant role for selecting exact wedding outfit for groom is significant although bearing in mind the tradition and style. This defines the modern and cultural accessories which define equip of the groom.

In India as the difference of traditions there are several groom accessories is the Sherwani with a diamond cufflink and beside with this turban which can be used with diverse fabrics such as self woven brocades, leheriyas and tie dyes. The pagri is another accessory that built-up of gharchola and chunri which enhances appear of a groom. Read More

Indian Winter Wedding Gifts
Posted in Ceremony, Indian bride, Indian Groom, Wedding on 29 September 2008

indian winter wedding gifts wedding wedding gifts winter wedding gifts Indian Winter Wedding Gifts

Wedding is the special occasion of every bride and groom in there life. Wedding is held in every season like in summer, rainy season, and winter season etc. here we are talk about winter wedding. In winter wedding on reception party many of the have been invited in the party and bride and groom were got many of the gifts. Here is silver favor boxes are classic this is best gift for winter wedding for bride and groom.Â

indian winter wedding gifts wedding wedding gifts winter Indian Winter Wedding Gifts

The stylish winter favor boxes make a trendy wedding favor presentation for your visitors. Whether these exclusive two-piece silver favor boxes are used for wedding favors, bridal shower favors, or just party favors, they will impress your visitor. Fill the silver favor boxes with silver Truffles, Jordan Almonds, or your preferred favors. Here is also one more amazing gift for winter wedding “Icing Cake Candle Set of 4.

This gifts best use for bride she can easily use it for any party like birthday party or kitty part. This dainty winter favor looks superior adequate to eat and will charm your guests. Our childlike anticipation of the year’s coolest season—with its tenderly falling snowfall, gratifying holidays and clear, moonlit nights—brings an incontestable magical to winter weddings.

Groom Ethnic Wear For Wedding
Posted in Indian Groom, Indian marriage, Indian Wedding, Wedding on 21 September 2008

 Groom Ethnic Wear For Wedding

Here is the groom Ethnic Wear for wedding although the fashion and mode has brought regarding a lot of change in the groom’s wear the wedding attire matters a lot according to traditions and rites of every province. Generally the groom ethnic wear is designed according to his individual way and with look upon to the tradition of the place, also the kind of wedding.

Types of Groom Ethnic Wear

As you travel around India you will discover variety in the groom ethnic wear. Like in the Northern part of India the groom’s apparel consists of a Sherwani escort with a Chudidar. The dress is entire with a matching turban. Though if you visit southern part of India the grooms ethnic wear would be a garland dhoti that is generally called as “Veshti” that is escorted with a kurta or “Jabba”.

Sherwani is a frequent groom ethnic wears which has a look like a jacket. This attire that is devoid of a collar is long in length and arrive at till the knees. The sherwani is worn with a churidar trouser all along with a matching shawl in excess of the shoulders.
indian groom clothing thumb1675569 Groom Ethnic Wear For Wedding

The other ethnic wear is Jodhpuri suit that is alike to the western wear apart from for the jacket that is of a yell collar. This is worn with a matching trouser and a shirt beneath. Kurta Pyjmas are also most generally seen in north Indian weddings. This groom wear is a long tunic of knee span that is tatty with a trouser of matching colour.

Silver Gifts For Wedding
Posted in Ceremony, Gifts, Indian bride, Indian Groom, Marrige, Wedding on 19 September 2008

Silver%20Wedding%20Favors Silver Gifts For Wedding

In wedding there are lots of gifts that can be giving to the couple. They represent the love and blessings that are endowed to the recently wed couple. The items made up of silver can be perfect gifts for a marriage rite. The gift items in silver include of the jewel studded silver jewelry, cutlery, cardholders, coins etc. A perfect gift is that which is stylish and also is constructive. One can opt according to the price, utility and to whom it is to exist.
champagne bucket wedding favors 1869 r Silver Gifts For Wedding

Sorts of wedding gifts

As talk about prior, there is an extensive diversity of Silver wedding gifts. These are the gifts articles that can be offered to bride, groom or even their parents. A stylish silver jewelry piece is a perfect gift for the bride and her sisters.

Silver wedding gifts are frequently studded with valuable stones. The ornaments consist of the earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces and anklets. One can also gift silver hair clips, silver brooches, and silver watches. Other garnishes that are counted under silver gift objects are the handbags having silver designs. The groom can be gifted with silver chains, necklaces and rings.

Special Features

Silver wedding gifts are ideal for the event as they also sustain the customary values. The silver metal is also additional cost-effective in similarity to gold. Silver objects in particular the jewelry looks graceful. If silver is accompanied with some valuable stones like ruby and sapphire, diamonds then the gift article turn into even more gorgeous.

Jewish Wedding
Posted in Indian bride, Indian Groom, Indian Wedding, Marrige, Wedding on 5 September 2008

BrideGroom8 Jewish Wedding

A Jewish Wedding is not only regarding exchanging rings. It constitute of customary Jewish Wedding Rituals, which are momentous and affluent. These traditions act as a reminder for both the bride and the groom that they are not only responsible towards each other but also toward their culture and religion.
london wedding portraits Jewish Wedding

The Jewish Wedding Rituals start with the Yom Kippur in which both the bride and the groom are forgiven for their past mistakes. Kabbalat Patim is the rite in which the bride and the groom are not hypothetical to see each other from a week prior to the marriage. The Jewish marriage Rituals then moves onward to the ‘badeken’ in which the groom shroud the bride. The bride and the groom are then led to the open ‘chupah’ where the wedding rite is held.

The couple does not wear any jewellery to the chupah. The brides loop the groom 7 times and the groom then takes site on her right side. The wedding, known as ‘kiddushin’, is accompanied by a cup of wine. The couple drinks wine from the cup after getting blessing from the Betrothal. The festive snack is held amidst a lot of music and dance according to the Jewish Wedding rite.

Indian Wedding Baraat
Posted in Indian bride, Indian Groom, Indian marriage, Indian Wedding, Indian Wedding Palace, Marrige on 21 August 2008

baraat horse1 Indian Wedding Baraat

In Hindu wedding Baraat takes place when groom get there at the wedding venue. The groom is accompanied with his family and friends although he moves on the way to the venue. The groom’s family and friends is known as Baraat.

The bride’s relatives take a good care of the baraatis. It is a joyful and lively instant for everybody that is present in the wedding. At the wedding day groom is dressed p in suit or a Sherwani. He gets there at the venue seated on a horse with the wedding Baraat. The relatives and friends also dressed up in gorgeous apparels escort the groom. Traditionally the music bands known as “Bandwalas” used to play the catchy filmy tunes on Saxophones, synthesizers, drums, trumpets and Dhols.
Barat2%20copy Indian Wedding Baraat

The friends and family members dance on the beats of songs. Prior the women from groom’s side were not permissible to take part in the wedding Baraat. Although enjoying dancing on the music the wedding Baraat and the groom get there at the venue. Fireworks are lit to welcome them by the bride’s relatives. On the influx of the groom and his family at the wedding place, the married women from the bride’s side lug out Arti and Tilak of the groom. The relatives from together sides welcome each other with festoons. This manner the wedding Baraat is salutation at the wedding place.

South Indian Wedding Ceremony
Posted in Indian Groom, Wedding on 20 August 2008

wedding stage South Indian Wedding Ceremony

South Indian wedding are diverse from the general weddings that are other parts of India. The couple family members and friends are come both for the celebration, where a variety of traditional customs and cultural are carry out. Indian weddings manner the rite of “Kolam” and draw a ‘rangoli design’ at the entrance that makes the house seem more convivial.

wedding hands South Indian Wedding Ceremony

Customs and Rituals

In the South Indian weddings According to the customs, the bridegrooms are welcomed in the temple and are usher to the mandap by their parents. In South India the function is called “Janna Vasam” .in this ceremonies there are few prayer demeanor at the temple that are followed by the main wedding procession. During the main South Indian wedding ceremony, the feet of bride and groom are rinsed with milk and desiccated with silk cloth by the bride’s father.

The bride then holds the grooms hand and walks around the fire, which is considered as the much significant element of the wedding called the “Saptha Padhi”. In south Indian wedding there are several rituals and customs attending at least one of this rituals would be a huge experience. The traditional rituals, the decorations of the wedding hall, the prayer ceremonies and the couple costumes are a enormous feature of South Indian Weddings.