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Gujarati Marriage Apparel

Indian marriage is characterized by enhance rituals and cultures. A grand affair, wedding is a necessary step towards oneness, taken by both the bride and the groom. The weddings in India generally are extravagant

Gujarati Wedding Couple

Wedding is the most wonderful event of every person either bridal or groom every religion the dressing style of bride are different here we are talk about Gujarati bridal. The dressing style of Gujarati

Wedding In Gujrati Style

In Gujrati wedding the pre-wedding ceremonies is Mandap Muhurat The families of the bride and the groom in their respective homes execute the initial of the auspicious ceremony, the mantap muhurat and it a

Indian Gujrati Bridal

In Gujrati wedding bridal can do her make-up in different style her dress-up, hairstyles, bangles these all are different in wedding but Gujrati bridals looks so smart in her wedding they look unique to

Gujarati Marraige

In Gujrati marriage, marriage is called “Lagan”. Gujarati wedding is a ritualistic notion just like the other Indian marriages. It is inescapably a warehouse of diverse fun-filled ceremony and many a devout occasion. Gujarati