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Gujarati Marriage Apparel
Posted in Gujarati marraige on 8 July 2010

Gujarati marriage Gujarati Marriage Apparel

Indian marriage is characterized by enhance rituals and cultures. A grand affair, wedding is a necessary step towards oneness, taken by both the bride and the groom. The weddings in India generally are extravagant and splendid events and are distinguished as a gargantuan festival that is generally celebrated above a span of a week. Rituals and cultures build a significant portion of the marriage ceremony. These rituals build the ceremony sanctified and thus, are given a set of importance. Hectic preparations and associations define any Indian marriage. Since India is a land of variety, every region has follows its respective tradition and traditions. Read More

Gujarati Wedding Couple
Posted in Gujarati marraige on 30 April 2009

gujarati wedding couple Gujarati Wedding Couple
Wedding is the most wonderful event of every person either bridal or groom every religion the dressing style of bride are different here we are talk about Gujarati bridal.

The dressing style of Gujarati wedding dress is different the bride are wearing the stylish design Sari on wedding day.

The Gujarat wears colorful clothes for the weddings Gujarati wedding apparel reflects the affluent culture of Gujarat. A Gujarati bride mostly likes to wear a sari for the wedding, which is generally in red color.The Gujarati bridal sari is swathe in the appropriate manner. The bride also wears customary jewelry that compliments their get up and seem.

c Gujarati Wedding Couple

Gujarati bridal wants their wedding dress to be best as it’s an event that comes formerly in a life. The Gujarati groom wears a kurta and dhoti for the wedding.

Designers are also causative a lot to the Gujarati wedding clothing for men. They are next up with designer western kurta pyjamas, which are the alternative of the city.

Now days many of the Gujarati brides are like to wear stylish design of red color sari on wedding day it looks beautiful on every bridal .The bride and the groom wear the finest customary so far modern dresses and seem gorgeous.


Wedding In Gujrati Style
Posted in Gujarati marraige, Marrige on 27 November 2008

20080321041300 slide show 12 Wedding In Gujrati Style

In Gujrati wedding the pre-wedding ceremonies is Mandap Muhurat

The families of the bride and the groom in their respective homes execute the initial of the auspicious ceremony, the mantap muhurat and it a few days ahead of the wedding. The families plead to Lord Ganesh to eliminate all impediments. An acharya or priests before a sacred fire carry out the puja.

Griha Shanti

It is supposed that the stars and constellation wield manipulate on the lives of individual. Any fracas in the stars can injury married relationships and the lives of the duo. The purpose of the ‘Griha Shanti’ puja is to placate the ‘grihas’ or planets and to bring peace between the constellations.

In Gujrati wedding the baraat call’s “Jaan”. This ceremony involves the groom incoming at the house of the bride to look for the blessings of his mother-in-law. The groom’s potential mother-in-law blesses him and act upon a small ceremony to ward off the iniquity eye. Read More

Indian Gujrati Bridal
Posted in Gujarati marraige, Indian bride on 20 October 2008

bxbcv Indian Gujrati Bridal

In Gujrati wedding bridal can do her make-up in different style her dress-up, hairstyles, bangles these all are different in wedding but Gujrati bridals looks so smart in her wedding they look unique to other bridal. The dress of Gujrati bridal is Bandhini has always been connected with bridal wear in northwest India.

In fact, the Gujarati saris, the Panetar white sari with a red bandhini border and the Gharchola traditional red bandhini sari crisscrossed with wicker gold squares wraps bandhini pattern were traditional wedding wear. Now though, design construes and modern color the customary bandhini saris in jade green, old rose, peach etc. with zari borders. The Gujrati bridal is looks so gorgeous on this dress. Read More

Gujarati Marraige
Posted in Ceremony, Gujarati marraige, Indian Wedding, Marrige on 26 June 2008

gnnbvnvb Gujarati Marraige
In Gujrati marriage, marriage is called “Lagan”. Gujarati wedding is a ritualistic notion just like the other Indian marriages. It is inescapably a warehouse of diverse fun-filled ceremony and many a devout occasion. Gujarati wedding begins with the prayers invoking Lord Ganesha’s blessings, followed by sangeet, mehndi mehfil and all-purpose gaiety. In Gujarati marriage Gujaratis make matches for their daughter and sons inside the group of people. Gujaratis prefer that the boy and girl see each other and take the decision of marrying.

Bridal Wear

Saree is the natural bridal wear for the Gujarati girls. They dress- in the saree in a tad diverse style though. Red color is the most fortunate for the event.

Groom’s Attire

The Gujarati bridegrooms wear the traditional kurta dhoti. But Nowdays they are going for the formal suits or the designer kurta pyajamas for the big day.

Marriage Rituals

Hathialo (Joining of the Hands) is the ceremony in which the corner of the brides sari is tied to a scarf which is worn by the groom. The right hands of the couple are tied with a thread that has been blessed with religious incantations. The typing of the hands signifies an eternal bond that will join them forever. The couple then pray to the Gods to give them strength and bless their union.
yhjngjc Gujarati Marraige

After this the “Varmala” ceremony takes place in which a cord is tied around the couple’s necks to protect them from evil influences. And finally, the bride’s father gives her away to the groom, thus doing the “Kanyadaan”. “Mangal Phera” takes place after this, which has the couple taking four circles of the auspicious fire instead of the customary seven. These four circles symbolize the four cardinal principles of life i.e. Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.