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The bridal veil the world’s longest measuring 3 km!

A bridal veil3 km long well here is what we will see the next September 22 at 10.30 in Casal di Principe (Caserta) worn by the young bride Elena? Its a real record a

The Dress: Let Your Personality and Heritage motivate you

In continuation with my visitor blog series, I’m pleased to introduce you to wedding ceremony planners, Liz Agbor-tabi and Acura Ardayfio of bazaar Atelier. Today’s feature articles, the team at bazaar Atelier share some

Summer Marriage: Facing The Heat

Deciding to marry in summer alternative is a bit ‘risky: If spring is the trouble of possible storms that can destroy your marriage, summer is the heat to construct fear. I happened to attend

Christian Louboutin: Barbie Is Yet His Muse

Continuing incursions of one of the best shoe designers of our time, the beloved genius shoe CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN the fabulous world of games and dolls. it is just been put on the market because

Stylish Collection Of Lehenga Choli For Wedding

Wedding is the important day of bridal life here is the stylish collection of Lehenga Choli with colored stones, patches border, intricate embroidery, KUNDAN and matching CHOLI and embroidered DUPATTA is in red. This

Indian Shaadi Ceremony and Dress

This is Indian shaadi ceremony and dress is very cool from another tradition shaadi and this Indian shaadi ceremony dress is very cool design and looking very gorgeous, and this Indian shaadi ceremony dress

Pakistani Shaadi Dress

Here is the most fashionable and latest Pakistani shaadi dress collection if you are going to became bridal wedding dress and looking for the Shaadi dress then this Pakistani shaadi dress style Shaadi dress

Beautiful Nighties For Your Wedding

Getting married do not feel shy buy fashionable and stylish inner wear like nighties these are night wear to add a loving and comfy feeling at night. After wedding you are with your soulmate

Best Bridal Ghagra choli

This is a best bridal ghagra choli indian shaadi dress and that is represent fashionable and new look design in interior and exterior. And I love this Indian shaadi dress because this is not

Best India Bride Dress

This is a best Indian bride dress and all designing for this product is looking very nice and based on latest Indian shaadi bride dresses. All outlook and interior design is more excellent and