Spring 2012 Bridal makeup

How will the makeup for next year? Fashion is the clothes that the accessories, but also hairstyles you already know months in advance. For this reason we can speak of trends and preferences in advance.

For the spring next year is expected, according to some designers and skilled experts make up a makeup so light as to be virtually invisible. The highlighted part of the face is the lips, with rosette, lip gloss and well-defined edges.

It almost seems that the bride wants to convey the idea of the kiss, that all invited require two newlyweds during the receipt or cutting of the cake. Another kind of make-up is a trick most evident on the eyelids, accented by clear gloss, but also bright and shiny.

Overall, however, they are all pretty light, not invasive. The bride is beautiful in its naturalness. A makeup gives an air of simple and lightweight romantic and does not hide. The look is made deep and intense.

There is no need to actually cheat exaggerated to make a woman more beautiful, and wise as a few touches that are able to highlight the strengths and hide small defects.


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