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Wedding Dresses: Smell Of Autumn

Each season has its color and its atmosphere: in a few weeks greet the summer sun and colorful atmosphere to enter the autumn of colors less luminous, the initial bloodless, gray skies alternated with
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Jain Wedding

India is a second big country in this world and there has several religious people living many of different caste of people living and there wedding is also happening in different style here we

The wedding cake for 30 million dollars for the Boss of cakes

Perhaps you will ever watch him on TV but this time Bartolo “Buddy” Valastro, aka The Boss of Cakes, Has outdone himself making a cake bridal $ 30 million. How? It is simple covering

Wedding at Christmas, including decorations and chic ideas for an unforgettable day

What’s more romantic than a married at Christmas? Today we will see together many ideas and suggestions for celebrating the wedding unique and chic in the month of December. The magic Christmas atmosphere can

The wedding dress worn by Bella Swan Breaking Dawn now on sale, even if it is a replica

A wedding dress beautiful Carolina Herrera signed the one worn by Bella Swan in Breaking Dawn: all the girls who dreamed of a model of its kind will now be able to find bread

Luxury Train staff for the first visit to India of Bhutan’s royal couple

First official visit India for the new royal couple of Bhutan for the occasion will have a Luxury train staff on the train that will take them around the subcontinent. Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, King

Stella McCartney’s wedding dress for Nancy Shevell, Paul’s father’s third wife: pictures of the look!

And here you have a delicious wedding dress that Stella McCartney has made for his stepmother. Dad married Nancy Shevell Paul has in fact: for the former member of the Fab Four is the

The beauty calendar to get to the wedding with perfect skin!

The dream of every woman is to get your marriage a perfect skin: Of course to ensure that this is possible is also important to be very careful to look after their skin. The

The bridal veil the world’s longest measuring 3 km!

A bridal veil3 km long well here is what we will see the next September 22 at 10.30 in Casal di Principe (Caserta) worn by the young bride Elena? Its a real record a

Swarovski crystals for the eleven-story wedding cake by Julia Pergolas

What’s better than Swarovski crystals to make only a wedding cake? It is to eleven floors as the final creation of Julia Pergolas, Cake designers and renowned pastry chef, owner of Cupid’s Delight, Australia.